Want to live the tiny life on wheels?

Hey there! Though I’ve had my Teardrop camper, The Musketeardrop, for 2 years, I only recently realized that I should have a better platform to share my experiences building, traveling and living in my camper for the past couple years. I’ll also continue to share stories of Teardrop living as I journey through Canada over the next month.

I want to use this blog to share the highlights of my experiences. I also indend to answer questions about what it’s like to live out of my camper and point out the not-so-grand parts of living in a tiny space.  Give me a shout with any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer!

I love my teardrop camper. I spent so much time planning for the build and thinking about every aspect of how I wanted it, that there is not much I would change about it now (even two years later). It’s pretty perfect in my eyes but I do realize that living in 32sq feet is not everyone’s dream.  While I would love for everyone to have a tiny house, I know that is not realistic. I do hope you’ll find my journies interesting and inspiring in some way.

Building the Musketeardrop has enabled me to visit so many places in the past 2 years and liberated me from having to pay rent, settle in one spot, or sign a work contract.  It has allowed me to live the seasonal guide lifestyle that I love so much! I’ve grown closer to friends who have accompanied me on Musketeardrop adventures and met some awesome people on my travels.

Though there are lots of perks to living out of a Teardrop Camper, I have had to compromise and let go of a lot.  For me, this lifestyle is ideal because the positives far outweigh the negatives. I hope to write as objectively as possible (innevitably I will gush about how great the Muskateardrop is) so that you can weigh in on where you stand about tiny home living and living on the road.

I aim to inspire others to travel more, limit clutter and needless posessions, live simply, and follow those dreams, no matter how crazy.

So CHEERS! To future adventures!