Life of the Musketeardrop

A post about the Musketeardrop’s journey thus far…

November 2014: I had just moved back to Maine after living in New Zealand for a few years while I earned my B.S. Environmental Science. It was time for me to begin my life in the “real world”… get a job, find some place to live. This all scared me so much because I didn’t know if I wanted to be a scientist/mountain guide/teacher/outdoor educator/water guide and I wanted to live in Colorado/Montana/California/Canada/Maine. I had always been interested in building my own cabin but the idea of building a tiny house was especially appealing to me because I didn’t have to be tied down in one place.  So I started doing research.

Christmas 2014: My mom, who I’m sure was so sick of hearing me talk about building a tiny house or teardrop camper for months, bought me Big Woody Camper plans.  She gave me the nudge I needed to put my dreams to action, and so I read the plans, and  started to buy the materials and collect the tools to build. I didn’t actually start to build immediately though, it was a slow process because I was working full time and Maine winters are not conducive to building outside.

Winter/spring 2015: I chipped away at the teardrop camper project, spending nights after work cutting wood, staining, and varnishing. I think the most man hours went into varnishing all the wood…. must have been at least a million coats of varnish.

Summer 2015: When I finally had all the parts ready for assembly, we worked most weekends to build. I didn’t anticipate how hard some aspects of the build would be or how time consuming some steps were.  I modified a few things and messed up a few details but in all it turned out great!

Fall 2015: The Musketeardrop was complete and I got on the road! I drove by myself from Maine to Chicago where I picked up Sarah, my flat mate from New Zealand.  We backtracked to visit friends in Michigan than headed for Colorado to visit family. Then for 2 months, we visited The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Salt Lake City, Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Arches, Moab, Kanab, Antellope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powel, and The Grand Canyon. It was an epic trip!


Winter 2016: Though I didn’t live out of the camper that winter, I was able to takethe Musketeardrop for a few weekend ice climbing trips around Colorado!


Spring 2016: After a winter of teaching skiing in Vail, Colorado, I headed out to Yosemite NP to guide backpacking trips. On the road trip out there I stopped at the Salt Flats and at Lake Tahoe.

Summer 2016: Between trips I lived out of my camper which was parked at the Guidehouse in Groveland, California. It was so nice to come back to the Camper after weeks of sleeping on the ground in the Yosemite backcountry!



Fall 2016: My step-dad, Ed flew out to Salt lake where I picked him up so he could help me drive back to Maine in 48 hours! A quick roadie because I was starting another guide job on an island in Maine. Between trips, I would take a boat back to the mainland where I lived out of the camper or stayed at my parents house. My friends Sarah, Bruce, and Justin joined me on a week long road trip around Nova Scotia! The Musketeardrop and the gang rode a ferry on high seas to get back to Maine!

Winter 2016/2017: I left Maine to head west again, and picked up my friend Cam in Michigan and we went to visit Mike in Winter Park, CO. Then I went back to Vail to teach another season of skiing!  This time, instead of living in Vail employee housing I decided to brave the winter in my camper. It wasn’t nearly as bad as you think! I had electricity for a small space heater and to charge up my phone and computer. It was cozy!

Spring 2017: My friend Sarah is back for another road trip! We’re headed from Colorado to Yosemite via western Canada! Jackson, WY > Grand Teton NP > Bozeman, MT > Glacier NP > Banff NP > Golden, BC > Jasper NP > Whistler, BC > Squamish, BC > Vancouver, BC > Vancouver Island. Sarah will stay in Tofino for the summer and I will continue to down with my sister, Devan. Victoria, BC > Seattle, WA > Portland, OR > Eugene, OR > San Francisco, CA > Yosemite NP!


Stay tuned for more pictures!

Summer 2017: The Musketeardrop will spend another summer parked in Groveland, CA, waiting for my brief returns from the backcountry!

Fall 2017 and Beyond: ????? Any suggestions? I’m thinking I’ll build a Tiny house!



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